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Proper skincare is so important to keep your skin protected against various infections. Keeping the skin moist and healthy keeps the skin barrier strong. Using low-quality soaps on your skin can result in dry and irritated skin. Harsh soaps can result in the appearance of cracks in your skin which makes your skin prone to infection.

This is why it is important to buy high-quality products. AVON is here to provide you high-quality toiletry products. If you are looking for various toiletry products from a good beauty brand, AVON is your way to go.

Good quality products can make your life better. It improves the quality of your life, and with online shopping, you do not need to leave your house.

AVON is providing a full range of toiletries at amazing rates that you can check from our store. 

You can buy various types of products, including toilet paper, makeup, shampoo, lotions, and conditioners. AVON also offers amazing discounts and offers for you.

Romantic L’Amour Bubble Bath - 500ml

Romantic L’Amour Bubble Bath - 500ml

Enjoy our cloud of blissful, romantic, and pleasing bubble bath. Give yourself time by enjoying the relaxing embrace of bubbles delicately.

It is infused with natural rose extract and lavender extract to give you smooth skin. The avocado fruits give you a rich, foaming bubbles and perfume scent.

The combination gives you soft, smooth touch and refreshes your body. This fragrance is the classic favorite for every season.



  • Long-lasting bubble bath
  • Gives you a fresh and smooth skin
  • Refreshes the whole body
  • Contains avocado fruit extract, rose extract, soy milk extract, oat extract, and lavender extract
  • Gives you a rosy feel and provides rich, luxurious, foaming bubbles
Method to Use
  • Pour the bubble bath in warm running water
  • Tightly cap it after use
Skin Softness Enhancer & Glow Airbrush Spray - 150ml

Skin Softness Enhancer & Glow Airbrush Spray - 150ml

One of our most amazing products, Skin Softness Enhancer & Glow Airbrush Spray, is suffused with jojoba oil and velvet flower extract.

It builds an aesthetic glow on your skin and gives a soft and smooth texture to your skin. It spreads equally on all areas of the skin and delivers a radiant glow by targeting hard-to-reach areas of skin.

It dries instantly.

Use this amazing product for an even glow with no streaking, discoloration, and blemishes

This freshly scented self-tanning spray is imbued with velvet flower extract and jojoba oil for soft, moisturized skin.

and stand out in the crowd.


150 ml


For an even and balanced glow, spray the quick-drying formula generously over your skin and use your hands to smooth it evenly.

Do no use before shaving nor use at wet skin. Let the skin dry properly, then apply the spray.

Cannabis Sativa Oil Restore & Calm Hand & Body Balm

Cannabis Sativa Oil Restore & Calm Hand & Body Balm

Here is the answer to your stressed-out skin. Cannabis Sativa Oil Restore & Calm Hand & Body Balm soothes your skin. The fast-absorbing mixture comfort dry and itchy skin.

 It gives nourishment and softness to the skin like silk. The fragrance-free formula is tested by dermatologists, and it can be used on all skin types.

  • Made up of cotton
  • Soft woven masks with lining
  • Adjustable and elastic
  • Skincare layer
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • It soothes your dry skin and gives comfort
  • Formulated with cannabis Sativa oil to give you natural softness and nourish your skin
  • Made for all skin types

150 ml


Apply it all over clean, dry skin.

Try a wide-ranging collection of cleaner, dry emulsion, and body balm that are formulated with cannabis Sativa oil to soothe your skin and comfort it from head to toe.

Avon Care Extra Repairing Body Cream - 400ml

Avon Care Extra Repairing Body Cream - 400ml

Give instant comfort to your dry skin with Derma Recovery Body Cream. It is formulated with jojoba oil and has a super-rich creamy texture. When scorching heat or cold weather causes you discomfort, use our extra repair cream to give soothes, comfort, and protection to your skin. It helps to relieve dry, itchy, and flaky skin.

  • Product Specification
  • Contain jojoba oil for a soothing effect
  • Helps to moisturize extremely dry, flaky skin if used on a daily basis
  • Relieves itching and roughness of several dry skins
  • Long-lasting 24-hour moisture



Apply all over your skin based on the need

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