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Makeup is one of the most important means in the everyday beauty armory of a woman. Makeup cosmetics have evolved into a radiant tool for exquisiteness, beauty, and confidence. The perfect blend of makeup has been contributing to the success of women all across the world. 

Makeup plays an important role in the day-to-day life of a woman. It helps you conceal your aging spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes. Makeup is the ultimate way to express yourself. 

AVON is the premium destination for makeup lovers. Experts and makeup lovers can benefit from our amazing range of high-quality makeup products.

We invite everyone to browse your shelves with our amazing range of makeup products. Make yourself look gorgeous with high-quality products, explore various makeup products and choose what looks best on you. You can experiment on all kinds of pallets, foundations, glosses, mascara, lipsticks, and many new makeup products.

AVON is providing a full range of high beauty and makeup products to our customers. Our employees and beauty experts can help you with all your makeup needs. You can visit our store to check our latest collection.

AVON True Lash Genius Mascara

Stop looking elsewhere when you can find everything you need in a mascara here. AVON True Lash Mascara gives your eyes a glamorous party look. The classic smart control brush holds mascara and gives your lashes a bold and beautiful appearance.

The brush touches your lash line to lift it and separate your lashes to give you a clear fluttery look. Enhance the appearance of your eyebrows with amazing mascara.

  • No pungent smell
  • Rich, full volume
  • Suitable for both normal and sensitive eyes
  • Can use it with contact lenses
  • Fluttering Length
  • Precise definition
  • Intense deep black
Method of Using
  • Apply the smart control brush from root to tip
  • Hold the brush gently in a horizontal position
  • Apply on lower lashes holding the brush vertically
  • Do not put pressure on the brush
  • Separate lower lashes with a brush if needed
AVON Mark plumping Lip-gloss

Sooth your lips and define your shine with AVON Mark Plumping Lip-gloss. It gives a soft and smooth touch to your lips and enhances your lip color.

The plumping texture of lip gloss makes your lips look supple and more tender. Contains vitamin A, E, and C gives your lips shine, plumps your lips, and gives you a fuller look.

AVON Mark plumping Lip-gloss gives a touch of gloss to your lips and achieves a natural shine and subtle look.

  • Glossy
  • Soft and smooth finish
  • Imbued with nourishing vitamin E, A, and C
  • No sticky or thick consistency
  • Available in many colors
Method of Using
  • Apply to smoothen your lips. It gives you a perfect glossy finish. For best results, apply this gloss over your favorite lipstick, and you will see the lip plumping magic.

Mark, Loose Powder Foundation

Mark loose powder foundation is a light, blendable, buildable, and lightweight powder foundation that helps to even out your skin tone. It contains naturally derived pigments that give smooth coverage to your skin.

Mark loose powder foundation works great to properly set your foundation and even concealer. It allows the color of your skin surface to show, which gives you a more natural look.

  • Provides a smooth, matte finish to your makeup
  • Conceal flaws like uneven skin tone and blemishes
  • Sheer coverage for a more natural look
  • Perfectly evens out your skin tone
Method of Using
  • Shake to dispense just the right amount of powder. You can tap off access powder
  • Sweep over gently to your face
  • Dusting it over your face will minimize the lines and pores and will give you a fresh glow

People with oily skin are highly recommended to use mark loose powder foundation as it helps to control oil and keeps the face free from shine.

Power Stay Lipstick

If you are looking for a lightweight lip color that will stay on your lips for up to 10 hours straight and give you a comfortable feeling like you are not wearing anything, then Power Stay Lipstick is your perfect choice.

Not only is this powerful mate lipstick saturated buy it stays on your lips for long and gives you a perfectly smooth look.

  • The innovative formula of Power Stay Lipstick gives a long-lasting color to your lips with a comfortable, lightweight feel.
  • It gives a vibrant, matte finish that stays on your lips for up to 10 hours
  • Does not feather or fades
Method of Using
  • Apply the lipstick over your lips and enjoy an everlasting color
  • Make sure to keep the airtight lid closed after use
  • Power stay lipstick is available in multiple colors; you can choose anyone you want

Feel confident, powerful, and empowered with Power Stay Lipstick. The stunning shades will make you fall in love with them.

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