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If you are looking for various home products, including kitchen accessories, bathroom products, fragrances, candles, room sprays, or other high-quality home products, AVON is here for all your needs.

AVON is providing a full range of home products to its customers. Good quality products can improve the quality of your life, and with online shopping, you do not need to leave your house. You can relax in your home and browse our site. 

AVON offers a wide range of high-quality home products from your home, including room sprays, fragrance oils, candles, diffusers, home decoration products, lamps, and much more. Enhance the look and feel of your home with our amazing range of home products,

You can visit our website and look at all the range of products. We are offering amazing deals to our customers which you surely do not want to miss.

Our employees and beauty experts can help you with all your needs. You can visit our store to check our latest collection. With AVON, you do not need to wait for several weeks for delivery. Enjoy the joy of shopping with AVON.

3 Piece of Bamboo Cutlery Set

AVON 3 Piece of Bamboo Cutlery Set

Now you can make your packed lunch eco-friendly with our amazing plastic-free cutlery set. This beautiful cutlery set is made with bamboo.

The set of knife, fork and spoon comes in a handy drawstring pouch and offers a more sustainable solution to day-to-day cutlery use.

If you are going on a long trip, sending your kids to school, or going to the office, keep the bamboo cutlery set with you. It comes with a convenient pouch that makes it easy for you to take it anywhere with you.

  • 100% biodegradable, good for the environment
  • String, reliable, and tough
  • Bambo cutlary is safe to use
  • Adds classy touch to your table
  • 3-piece cutlery set
  • Come with a polyester pouch so you can easily transport it
  • Ideal for school, office, and other places.

It is important to bring your own cutlery at lunch because it is safe and hygienic. Transport the cutlery in a pouch and avoid using the cutlery of other people or other places.


25cm x 30cm.

Collapsible Storage Bag

Collapsible Storage Bag

No one likes mess, and clutter can negatively impact your health. Use our Collapsible Storage Bag to neatly store your belongings. It comes in a green leaf print and is perfect for keeping toys, accessories, and other products.

The sturdy handles make it very easy to transport the bag. The bag allows easy storage and saves you space when you are not using it.

Now you can store your products in a perfect storage bag.

  • Storage bag which If not in use folds down
  • Featuring a pretty green leaf print and carry handles
  • Made with polyester

Simply put down the stuff you want inside the box and enjoy the clutter-free space.  

Winter Spice Candle

Winter Spice Candle

Give your home a warm and welcoming touch with our winter spice candle—a gorgeous fragrance to fill in your home. Breathe in notes of orange, clove, and tonka bean that create a sweet and gentle atmosphere in your living room.

The fragrance of this candle makes your home a soothing and welcoming place to visit. Add a little magic into your house every day with our amazing Winter Spice Candle.

  • 3-wick candle
  • Burn time of 26 hours
  • Has the scent of orange, clove, and tonka bean
  • Trim the wick to 1/8 and ¼ inches long each time to have a brighter burn

8 fl. o.z

  • Place the candle on the candle stand or holder before lightning it to protect the furniture
  • Do not burn the candle too close to a wall or any cloth-like curtain
  • Never drop the matches or other material into candle
  • Do not extinguish the flame with water; instead, use a candle snuffer
  • Keep candle at a distance from kids and pets
Lunch Bag

Avon Lunch Bag

Pack your snacks, lunch box, fruits, and other items in our fabulous lunch bag. You can pack lunch for kids in it, or you can keep your own lunch in it.

The extendable sides, simple and easy fastening, and a handle for easy carrying make it the ideal bag to bring your lunch in.

It is easy to carry, it is reliable and looks pretty

  • Lunch bag with extendable sides
  • Very easy to carry
  • Quick and easy fastening
  • Polyester bag
  • Extendible sides

36cm x 22cm x 29cm

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