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AVON is one of the biggest Direct Sellers of beauty products globally, with around 6 million representatives from more than 60 countries.

We sell the best beauty products, from fragrances to nail products, fashion products, toiletries, skincare products, and many others.



AVON is fervent about helping women so they can earn extra money and start their own businesses.

2We believe that every woman should have the opportunity to work and build a business that can support them financially.

3AVON is giving women a better life through financial independence.

4We believe that AVON’S business can be for anyone with the desire.

...They care about the quality of the product we provide to our customers. They help you as much as they can along the way.

AVON company has been empowering women and offering them financial independence since 1886. We also recruit and train new AVON representatives to sell AVON products and provide them with earning opportunities at their own convenience.  

Join us and be a part of this amazing journey.

AVON UK offers the best and high-quality beauty products to all. That is why the clients always prefer AVON products once they have used it.

As we are the world class leader in beauty products, providing the best opportunities to all the representatives.

Enjoy amazing offers with AVON, including access to various tools, commission, rewards, recognition, and much more. 

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Our Awards

AVON has won numerous awards for its cutting-edge products. We have a wide range of amazing products with high demand. AVON is a company that people can trust. 

AVON is a leading global company with 2.5 billion annual revenues.

AVON is a leading global company with 2.5 billion annual revenues.

WORLD's Largest seller with over 6 million sales representative globally.

With over 2 million customers, we are providing a massive opportunity for you to grow.

steps to our success
our history

It all started in 1886,

when David McConnel, the founder of AVON, inspired women to have better control over their lives and earn independently.

In the beginning, he did not set out to create a beauty company. He used to be a traveling book salesman who offered beauty products as a gift.

He soon realized that females customers were so much more intrigued by free perfume samples than books.

From there, the idea of AVON took place. McConnel mixed the first fragrance himself and recruited a team of women to be AVON sales representatives.

AVON’s mission aims to celebrate women’s supremacy to make a positive impact in the world.


AVON is the biggest direct seller of amazing beauty products all around the globe, with more than 100,000 representatives in the UK.

Our clients love us
Jeanette Oliver
County Durham.

I’ve been involved with Avon for three years I’m having great success with my sales and I’m a president club member. My Avon business gives me job freedom to spend time with my family and have holidays, I’ve met some great friends in this business.

Sue Potter

Go on press the apply button.. I make more from Avon than my job I have worked in for 36 years… It also pays fully for me to go abroad 8 weeks a year with my family… If it can work for me it can work for anyone I’m nobody special… Plus you can do Avon when and where you want and be your own boss… Its great just give it a try !

Val and Ron

I joined Avon 15 years ago just part time to earn some extra money to compliment my income from work. I got the opportunity to progress to sales leadership after a few years and decided to leave my job to work Avon full time. My partner Ron joined me and we have built up quite a large team over the last few years earning a reasonable income. During the last 18 months of COVID we have worked our business completely on line as we had to isolate as Ron gets kidney dialysis 3 times a week and is classed as vulnerable. We used our on-line store and digital brochure for sales and built our team on-line as well. We are both retired so don’t let age or disability put you off anyone can do this business. We certainly will carry on building my income.

Toni Palmer
Sales Leader

Being an AVON sales leader has helped me become more confident and grow as a person. I have a great customer base and an amazing team of reps. I work full time and love how flexible AVON is, its fits round my daily life!

Patricia Hall
South Shields

I am a stay at home mum and I found that Avon works perfectly around my kids and I used to do Avon years ago it was not the right time for me, I decided to join Avon in 2019 and I have achieved a lot since I started, the summer sizzle incentives, and my big goal was to become a pc member before the end of last year and I done it. I can honestly say i have made the best decision in joining this company again. I Iove being my own boss and helping my amazing team out and I love them and my customers too.

Pam Ainslie

I am Pam Ainslie and I became an Avon Rep because my Avon lady had to leave. I found out I could get my products at a discount and I could also make some money by sharing the brochure online and offline with my family, friends and neighbours. What did I have to lose? I love it!